Ready For Life at Hope College

"To educate and empower adults with developmental disabilities by providing a supportive and structured college experience in order to help each individual achieve their greatest level of independence and promote inclusion."

Through the generosity of Hope College, Ready for Life is able to provide post-secondary educational experiences for college aged individuals experiencing cognitive, learning, or social disabilities on their campus in Holland, MI.

Each student begins the program by building a student-centered learning plan to develop realistic learning objectives and identify areas of natural talent to be further developed. Based on the student’s interests and abilities, Hope College, non-credit bearing classes are then specially selected for the students to attend. Ready For Life curriculum focusing on transition skills to help students gain independence and job skills are also taught to supplement the college classes students attend.

Ready for Life provides support systems to ensure each student is given the resources that they need to succeed in a college environment. The Ready For Life instructor on campus assists each student in daily personal planning and partners with Hope College professors to adapt the academic materials from the college courses each student is taking. Hope College students also volunteer as academic and social mentors to Ready For Life students as an additional support.

Ready For Life students are guests on campus which gives them the opportunity to participate in campus activities and attend sporting events free of charge.

If you would like more information about this program or any other services that Ready For Life provides, please contact us at or call (616) 248-3775.

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